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DAVACO Technologies Launches, Offering Resonant Wireless Power Solutions
Division Provides Total Solutions with Hardware and Infrastructure Support

Dallas, Texas (December 14, 2016) — DAVACO Inc. introduces DAVACO Technologies, a specialized division with expertise dedicated to the successful rollout of resonant wireless power solutions and other products. The combination of working with DAVACO Inc., its sister company, providing installation and onsite work for the infrastructure support, combined with DAVACO Technologies product offering of wireless power hardware, offers a unique ability for national brands to add wireless power capabilities to their locations. Today, wireless power is easily and discretely integrated into various user environments and suitable for hospitality, education, office space, restaurants, retail, medical, retail, home as well as other applicable venues.

Resonant wireless power is a next generation technology that provides the transfer of power without the need for wires or cords. User behavior and research has proven that the need for powering a device is unpredictable and can become urgent. With wireless power access, users with power-requiring devices can charge using this innovative, convenient and lifestyle-altering technology.

“We all live busy lives that encourage a ‘got to have it now’ expectation and a real need to access power so that devices can be easily and quickly charged for everyday use. DAVACO Technologies is uniquely qualified to provide a distinct and proven service by providing hardware, and with the installation experience of DAVACO Inc., over 2,000 locations have been activated with wireless power so far,” Rick Davis, CEO/Founder of DAVACO, Inc. “We can offer a total solution for national brands that want to add this new and needed amenity to their brand experience,”

DAVACO Technologies is a member of AirFuel Alliance (www.airfuel.org), a global consortium of industry leaders focused on enabling and accelerating the adoption of wireless power technology.

About DAVACO Technologies
DAVACO Technologies is a division of DAVACO Inc. specializing in providing comprehensive installation services and resonant wireless power products for high-volume integrations in hospitality, education, office space, restaurants, medical, automotive, retail, medical, home and other applicable venues. Complete wireless power capabilities and hardware offering includes: Program management of onsite work; Logistics and consolidation of transmitter hardware; Installation of analytics software; Customized onsite consumer communication and training including instructional/display kits; Maintenance trouble-shooting; and ongoing service support. More information can be found at www.davacotechnologies.com; www.davacotechnologies.ca or by contacting info@davacotechnologies.com